Thursday, January 23, 2014

60 More Days Till Moving Day

I cannot believe that we are moving out of our place of 7 years in just 60+ days...
Ask me if we found something? Go on.
No. We have not.

This is when I apply Chap 3 of Me & My Big Mouth (Joyce Meyer) into full practice. "Say Things That Are Not as if They Are"

I am putting it in Gods hands (with a little help of Trulia and Craigslist of course). We're definitely looking, we just haven't found anything. And between you and me... I really haven't been looking all that much.

I'm torn between living in Brooklyn (close to work and my kids school) but expensive as #@% or look into Long Island (where I'm from) and consider house (which I want so badly it hurts).. but very far from work, my kid's school and it would be just awful to move right now in the middle of the school year! You see what I mean??

Pray with me guys. I need all the prayers I can get! I am trusting God 100% (I'm so serious).

In  the meantime, lets talk about what I want my next place to look like! Dream House
Think this exist in Brooklyn? meet me in the middle here.



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