Saturday, March 22, 2014

A New Place.

I know I disappeared for a bit… lots has happened since my last post in January.

After much searching, hunting and disappointment we we found a place! The perfect place for us... 

We found, applied and got our place just 1 week before the end of the month. I was growing anxious, frustrated and a little scared we wouldn't make the deadline. But as always, we have to trust that God will come through right on time... His time. And this blessing is just AMAZING.

Check out the new digs!!
Kitchen: Spankin' new. Little on the 'small side' but bright!

Living Room. Can't wait to hook this up!

Closets like this one, in all 3 rooms. Yay!

Can't get enough of the sunshine 

Spankin' new bathroom! Cozy but well portioned.

I didn't post ALL of the pics. I'll keep some for the After-reveal. I just wanted to share a little something, so you can see how good God is. This is MORE than I was hoping for... I feel truly blessed.

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