Sunday, April 6, 2014

Moving Day II {RECAP}

We did it! We moved last, last weekend!! What a weekend… O_0 
I’m soar everywhere. But I hear  soar is the new sexy so I’m with it.

We've officially been at our new place a full week. I'll do my best to recap what these past few days have been like... don't judge me.

Long. Tired. And a whole lotta boxes - everywhere.

Despite all my best efforts to keep things organized and chaos-free, (like numbering boxes and keeping a running list in my hand-dandy notebook, of every item in that box), when the 'moving' portion finally began, things were thrown in bags and boxes and into the truck. A little piece of my sanity was lost that day, I'm certain.

My brightly white place was looking dim and cluttered with all the boxes, furniture and giant hefty bags everywhere. Lots of work to be done, so I had to take a second to breathe and think strategically about my plan of attack. 

I have THREE rules I follow when organizing a big project. The keys: efficiency and time-saving.

Rule #1. Touch it Once.

Don’t pick up something out of place to put it in a temporary place to pick it up again and put it in its designated place. No no no. Touch it once. Stop and think: where does it go? Don’t know where? Leave it right there. Even if it’s in your way. It will eventually get your mind going and you will soon come up with a location for your item!

Rule #2. Divide and Conquer.

Lots of THINGS before you and you don't know where to begin? Divide them into categories. Categories can vary from generic like: Kitchen, Bedroom, Kids, Bathroom to more granular categories like Linen Closet, Seasonal Storage, Travel, Spice cabinet. For example: I had one box full products from my vanity cabinet. The box had a least 40+ items in it. Finally I broke it down: Body, Hair, Face, His, Kids, Shower, Mani+Pedi, Baby. After that quick and fun exercise the next thing to do was put them in their designated place!

Rule #3.  EVERYTHING in its place.

Everything, I mean EVERYTHING must have a place to call home. Cables, chargers, pens, coupons, receipts, keys, the newspaper, shopping bags, mail, shoes, umbrellas. These are just a  few of the items that cause cluttered drawers and spaces in any home. To avoid this nuisance, designate a place for such items. Start with your home entry way. When you think of an entrance you think door, maybe  a coat hanger, or a closet. But it soon becomes the prime place for coats, bags, shoes, umbrellas, mail, keys, lost and found etc. So why not create an organized entry way that fits all of that but looks good? and more importantly: inviting? Need ideas?? I have a whole board dedicated to it, because I truly <3 Organizing.

With my three rules in place - I then had to ask myself an even bigger question: 

First thing I did was take everything from that was eating up my living room and putting them in their respective rooms: Master, Boys, Baby, Grandma, Kitchen, Bathroom. I soon realized that all of my rooms were full and the living area was practically bare. Good and bad. I did need ONE place to be clear of madness, and in that case, might as well be the living/dining area, where we ALL congregate. 

Next Step?
I need to stop typing and start organizing. Don't worry. I've captured my before pictures. I'll likely have some after shots in say about a  month lol Nah, I kid!! Give me a couple weeks, I'll have at least one room complete by then ;)

High five!

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