Monday, April 7, 2014

New Home Projects {The List}

You mean I have other projects I need to do besides quit living out of boxes and unpack?

New home calls for new functionality (and new fun stuff too!!). Believe it or not, my beau Steven found our place on his own and because everything was moving rather quickly, I didn't see it until the day before we moved. I wasn't too worried since my honey was smart enough to video record his viewing for me. I was sold when I saw the amount of windows and the closets! I didn't care there was carpet - everywhere!

Still, that didn't mean I knew what I was going to do with all of our stuff. Although my honey and my mom are great help - I need to be in control of where everything went. Not a control thing but a knowledge is power thing. Knowing where things are is the most powerful thing you could have in a home lol (as least I think so!).

So here are a few projects I will being addressing in the next couple of weeks:

1. Organize my kitchen cabinets. My kitchen is great for a couple with maybe one child. I have 3 and my mom. We are A LOT and that means A LOT of food. A lot of food means Costco living. Costco equals bulk. See how I did that there? My kitchen pain-point: clutter. Having to move 5 pans just to get one. Drives. Me. Crazy.

2. Organize the boys room. Out of all of the rooms, the boys have the most stuff. Toys, books, bikes, scooters, seasonal games, TV, bunk bed oh yeah, clothes. The sooner I can organize their room, the quicker they can entertain themselves in their room, giving me more time to manage everything else that needs to get done. This if followed by Gabby's & Grandma's room and finally my room, which I've managed to organize 50% just by placing our clothes in drawers and closet.

3. Squeeze the life out of all of our seasonal clothes. I wasn't thrilled about having carpet. BUT it meant we had no choice but to invest in a vacuum! That means I can finally have space bags!! This alone should help me shrink an entire closet (my future linen closet) down by 80%. The only way I can manage to keep a neat closet is by storing away season garments and keeping in-season gear at reach. But now the bins and blanket bags are taking over!! And I have sooo much shelf to ceiling space in all of my closets, that I want to use it wisely.

4. Upcycle moving boxes! I don't have a lot of shelves and my pretty freshly painted walls don't need to see my drill - not yet anyway. So after doing some research on Pinterest, I went to my go-to organizer Jen Jones for her creative DIY Fabric Boxes tutorial which I found a few months back and I tucked away for "the day" and now that the day is HERE, I'm ready to make this project happen! I can see it now: kids toys, books, Gabby's shoes, teddy's, my mommy's magazine's and filings! It will never end! and I have SOOO many boxes! lol

That is all for now, I'll keep you posted as I go along ;)

High five!

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