Thursday, July 10, 2014

Honey: You Got Mail

I have a beautiful... growing family. I feel truly blessed to have a home with so much love. However, my biggest peeve besides the constant clutter I can't seem to make disappear - is the fact that my honey and I never get a chance to sit and talk without being interrupted by one of our kiddos. (heart them so).

It has become more and more frustrating as I always feel I have something to share and never get the opportunity to get his response. So while at work, when I have 5 minutes to think outside of "the box" - I'll shoot over emails like these:

Subject: Inspiration pt 2

I won't get preachy this time ;) ... 

Seeking out inspiration to get us through the next two years… (I would be willing to stay in Brooklyn ONE more year if we can achieve the following: paint a wall or two ;), organize our closet… and this:

This is EXACTLY what I wanted to pick at IKEA (the unites) I budget we can afford to fit 2 side by side cost $60 - $70 depends the width we decide.

As for the bins – we can get more of those 8 gallon boxes OR we can get the 10/16 gallon bins from IKEA with the easy access flip top that would be SO handy when trying to quickly get something from a bin (and putting things back). The white will also make the room feel bigger and neater.  (I think 5 of 10 g and 5 16g) would organize the stuff we have in storage quite nicely… well after my very needed garage sale (tbd!)

The linen closet (by the bathroom) could use some love and organizing too. Not interested in mounting shelves that may or may not hold up, so something like this would be perfect to organize blankets, toilet paper/paper towels and cleaning products – WHILE leaving us plenty of room in the back. Holler!

Note all of the very important information that I am stating in this email.
1. I always feel like i'm telling him what to do... this time, I promised to not do that. Not sure if my "tone" was successful lol thoughts?
2. I've been thinking about moving again next year, does he know that? probably not. But now he knows. And he also knows I'd be willing to stay put for a second year under a few conditions.
3. My conditions always cost money and DIY projects... which he is NOT a fan of. Oh darn.

Conclusion: our line of communication has been limited to emails. Now I know what online dating feels like. Oh wait... that's how we met. Never mind. ;)


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