Thursday, July 10, 2014

One More Makes Four

We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our fourth child this upcoming September.

We certainly didn't expect this gift from God, so we feel truly blessed to receive another treasure. 

When we first learned we would be expanding our family yet again, Steven was in shock for about 5 months. I felt I popped right away, but it did take some time before a full belly appeared, and that's when he said "oh my God.. we are having another baby". When we told the kids (the older ones of course) they were elated. Their excitement, got me excited. Because to be honest, my original reaction was "but how??" 

How will I manage my time?
How will I manage the house?
How will I manage work? 
How will I manage the kids?
How will we afford 2 babies in diapers?? 
How will we ever save now?

Common "how" questions all expectant parents feel. But I didn't question God. And that is the only thing that got me going. I had to revert to Him and tell Him I trust that He will see us through this. And he hasn't failed me yet!

I'm about 7 months now. And I feel pretty good. The summer NYC heat does get to me and its been slowing me down, but I'm healthy. I'm giving my babies all the love and time that I do have now and hope they can adapt when new baby arrives. I'm also enjoying this process, as I know it will be my last. I hope to do what I didn't get to do with my other pregnancies this time around... maybe a family shoot in Central Park. A real nursery - now that I have space! I mean, small things that matter, at least to me. 

One thing we are trying to do differently this time... not learn about the gender until due day BUT I'm currently in a crazy nesting mode (ain't it obvious by my email above??) and I want to set up a really nice nursery for my peanut. I'm leaning towards a neutral palette, but I love color! So maybe I can incorporate some of that when baby arrives.... OR I can just get a peek and get decorating!? Ugh I can't decide!! Only 2 months left, I need to get a grip! lol


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