Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Girl, You Better Work!

My maternity leave is coming to an end.

 [Insert 7 wailing emojis here]

I've been home from work since July. In other words, I've been living in pajamas for 4 months. I haven't slept for months, so I had my occassional naps here and there with Gabby. No more naps. No more pajamas. Did your heart hurt little? I know, I know. :( lol

This transition won't be easy. Not for me, or my family. I find myself looking at Gabby and Jax longingly... like "I can't believe I'm going to leave you". See, I went back to work after all three kids, I know the drill. And we managed accordingly. But this  time it's going to be really really tough. I pray every waking moment that He strengthen me, my relationship (we goin' need it) and that He ssupply my children with so much love that they never feel neglect or abondenment... (ok, you can dump the bucket of guilt on me now).

All of this is bitter... but also sweet.

I love what I do. I take a lot of pride in being a working mother. A really hard  working mom. I miss my peers, my work and feeling human. Like wearing pantyhose and wearing my hair down. Little things that remind me that I was once upon a time a lady. Silly of me, maybe. But it makes an impact when suddenly have to give up your sweats for heels. Therefore, I had to make a list (you know I don't start nuttin' without a list) in order to get me mentally and physically prepared. 

1. Organize my fall/winter wardrobe. I only organize my closet according to the seasons because it keeps the clutter away and I can actually WEAR what I have rather than being burried by the pieces I won't wear. But I also had to consider my size. I'm no Jessica Alba, shrinking miraculously after giving birth. I got curves that I don't even want... lol

 [Stay tuned for my recent closet make-over! Its going to blow your mind lol]

2. Take inventory of what I need to replenish. For the colder months I make sure I have plenty of opaque stockings, shapers and that my coats are in good shape. As well as essential accessories like: gloves, scarves and my many many hats. I also take note of what needs to visit the cleaners.

3. Set-up my "daily make-up" vanity in the bathroom. Can't afford to wake up the whole house just because I want to put on eye liner. 

4. I've been really good at keeping things simplified for the boys with their school supplies and homework station. Now its time to create a system for me to get me out of the door without a hitch, especially since Jax is still not sleeping through the night, I need to be able to get ready and out the door in 20. Think I can't? check it:

7:15 am - Rise & Rinse (a longer, hotter exfoliating shower will occure at night, so in the mornings, I 5 minute shower is really to WAKE me up and get me going.
7:20 am - Get dressed - I've organized my closet so well, that all I need to do is come up with my daily looks, including accessories. If I know I'm running tight on time, I have to pick a look with less layers and pieces. This usually conisist of a dress, booties and pearls. Its become my most polish look.
7:25 am - Make my coffee to go, take my lunch out of the fridge and unplug my cell and throw it all my bag. 
7:30 am - Put on my coat and grab my bag and GO.

5. Finally, create an "after-work" schedule. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Without this, 1, 2, 3 and 4 will never work. My commute is about 1.5 hours. On a good day, I get home around 6:45pm. We put the older kids to bed by 7:30 -8. That means dinner and homework has to happen the minute we walk through the door. I've never done the slow cooker things, but that doesn't mean I won't be trying it. It's on my "Black Friday shopping list lol Aside from that, I need to give my other two babies the love and affection they need. Which means dinner, bath, lunch prep and all that will have to wait until after 9pm. I'll need to reeeeeally sit and flush this out realistically before I sit here and make it sound so simple. There are so many factors that can make this whole plan work or fail. 

I welcome suggetions!! And slow cooker recipes lol