Monday, October 12, 2015

Is it Autumn Already??

Last I shared it was hot, muggy and I was with child... boy oh boy... I'm late to the party!

Happy Fall friends! It is my FAVORITE season ever!! The colors in the trees, the chill in the air... the lit pumkin spice candles, it all makes for one amazing time period. 

SO much has happened since my last post! For starters, on Tuesday, August 19th, I gave birth to my fourth child, my third BOY! His name is Jackson James Preston and he was born at 5lbs 4oz and 19 in tall. Born a month early, my little guy proved to be tough and absolutey handsome! Our family is COMPLETE and I feel SO blessed :) (so you forgive me for taking a 2 month haitus??)

Since Jax's birth, I've been surviving on 4-5 hours of solid sleep. Not consecutive either...oh how I wish!! He's on a 2-3 hour schedule but by the time he's done eating and burping and changing his diapers, I put him down and 45 min later he's back to start the process all over again lol. The mister is always willing to help, but M-F he's up at 6am to get the older kids ready for school and then taking the 45 min commute... It would be a crime to expect him to help. So how do I do it?? Coffee and 2048. My addictions keep me functioning when all I want to do is sleep but can't. 

Still on maternity, I have a few weeks left. LOTS to do before I go back to work... get Jax on a better schedule and get Gabby potty trained... yeah, NO pressure at all! I just have the task to completely rewiring little people AND myself... aaaaahhh!!! I need to get back into that work state of mind... Blaaaaahhh!!! 

Why can't I make a living by just living? I just hate New York's FMLA laws... Europe is so ahead of the game, its probably why they don't have so many tragic stories involving kids and crime... they have their Mums much longer at home. Makes such a huge difference!

Ok, I'd done ranting. Back to pumpkins and hot chocolates :)

High Five!