Friday, January 8, 2016


I love the smell of a New Year, its equivalent to the smell of box of crayons on the first day of school. It's the scent of starting a new. It makes my heart happy. I have been sitting on this blog-thing for too long. Today, right now, because the tots are asleep and the biggies are on their way from school, I have decided to write a post! That's right, no editorial calendar or content curator moment. Just me and my laptop and some free time! I'm like living on the edge right now, watch out! No better time than the present. Speaking of presents - did you get everything you wanted? I did! I got to sleep in, like everyday! The Mister was on a 2 week vacay with me and the kids woohoo. I like to think that not working outside of the home has helped me appreciate what I do have and how to make-do without all the other 'stuff' or at least upcycling, re-imagining or reinventing what I already have in to something I really want! For example, a playroom for my fantastic four. We have a spacious 3 bedroom apartment - but we are also a family of 6. Even though the kids had their own rooms and the baby co-sharing with us, we felt cramped and it felt like every room was invaded by some toy or another - it was driving me crazy. So I took pen to paper. I listed all of my issues on one side and on the other, possible solutions. In summary: although the kids were all sleeping in different rooms, they all wanted to play together. So I thought, WHY do they NEED to sleep in different rooms. All they're doing is laying down, with their eyes closed about 9-10 hrs... and then it struck me. Turn "the boys room" and "her room" into "the playroom" and "the dormitory". I swapped Gabby's bed and dresser with the boys media unit and game table. Done. I had officially created two separate areas for the kids to enjoy. I started this project last summer but since I had family staying with me during this period, I wasn't able to style it or organize it the way I had envisioned. This is slowly coming together as I type :) Stay tuned for a Playroom Reveal Post (next month!) Why so long? because I am currently in party planning mode (wasn't I just in this mode like 2 weeks ago, ah yes. I was. I have 2 kids with birthday's exactly a month a part (2009 + 2013 to be clear ;). Last week I gave my 6 y.o. a Super Hero birthday party and now I'm planning my only daughter's 3rd birthday bash! Her first birthday party, so I have every intention to make it super special. I shall share some pre-party and post-party goodies for y'all, promise! What else can you expect from my new blog? More reveals, more ideas and more reasons to love the life you have, because its the only one you'll ever have. Thanks for stopping by! Let me know you were here by leaving a comment below, a simple Hi will just make my day. Cheers to a New Year! Sarah

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