Sunday, September 25, 2016

Small Space Solution: The Baby Wall

When I learned I was expecting baby #4 you can well imagine that I had a panic attack, a freak-out "OMG" moment and then a "pin it and get over it" moment. That's the moment when my mind is so fried that I escape reality by seeking inspiration via Pinterest and then nothing in reality feels so bad (works every time). 

We had recently moved into a bigger apartment, however, space was still limited. The baby would definitely be with us until he was big enough to join his brothers. Therefore, I would only be able to have a "wall" for our baby... that is space for a crib and an armoir of some sort for the baby's things. That's when I saw this beautiful, clean and neutral layout:

This image was embedded in my brain for over a year. I couldn't shake it! Even after the baby was born (our third boy!) And so it happens, that one afternoon, walking home from the park with the kids, I took a detour and walked down a different block than usual and this stunner was kicked the curb and had my name written all over it.

Read my post on how I turned this trashed dresser into a true treasure HERE!

My goal was to create a space for all the baby's things but that didn't make our bedroom feel so much like a nursery. We wanted a nice balance, and to do that I wanted a piece of furniture that worked with the pieces in our room but more importantly, that it was functional.

Although the piece was missing a drawer, I solved the problem by tossing the other drawer and filling the gaps with baskets. The baskets served as storage for the extra diapers, wipes and baby blankets.

The drawers were small, but enough for our babies tiny clothes.
Drawer 1: socks, bibs and burp cloths
Drawer 2: Onesies
Drawer 3: Pajama sets
Drawer 4: Playsets

On top, the changing pad and the must-have wipe warmer (highly recommend!!), diapers and baby lotions and ointments.

Next to the dresser was the baby's crib. And that't it. That's all we needed for our little guy. "The Baby Wall" proved to be a perfect alternative solution to the "nursery" we didn't have.  Overtime, we changed the art in the frames, swapped out the keepsakes for baby books. It was a versatile space to organize the baby's things as he grew.

By baby #4, you realize how much stuff you don't really need. And with limited space, being a mommy minimalist just comes with the territory. Pun not intended ;)