Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back to Basics: Shelf Life

I am a die-hard fan of shelves. It's like a practical piece of furniture but without the bulk or the commitment. It is my answer to almost every organizing issue: when you don't know where to put your stuff. Your stuff becomes piles of stuff and all over the place. You know the saying "a place for your things and your things in its place". Bingo.

Using shelves can clear off floor space, and who wouldn't want that? They can be used for storage. They can be used to display things. They can be useful anywhere you put them. Here are some ways you can incorporate shelves in every room of your home.

In the Bathroom
Are you limited in storage space in the bathroom? Maria combated her bathroom clutter with a few small shelves to provide great storage for...:

The Kitchen
LOVE, love, love this whole little space...IKEA kitchen carts, shelves and bar with S hooks, baskets and magazine files from HomeGoods, glass canisters from Walmart  {Cozy.Cottage.Cute}:

In the Dining Room
Tour House- Clean Cottage Decor:

In the Living Room
Cute cozy gray living room | gray and white patterned ottomans | gray couch | gray walls | gray rug:

The Home Office

The Master Bedroom
Instead of a gallery wall, use Ikea picture ledges so you can swap out the art and frames whenever you want!:

The Beauty Bar

The Kid's Bedroom
beautifully styled girl's bedroom shelves // caitlin wilson:

As you can see, shelves come in all shapes, colors and sizes making they're appearance and functionality super versatile. Its a win win.

Now, let's talk about how to implement shelves in your home (and yeah, how to mount them!)

There are a few design rules to consider when mounting shelves. #1 on the list:

When mounting a shelves, use the rule of 3. Like in life - one is a loner, two is a couple and three is a party! ;)

Second, consider the space where you want to mount the shelves - that will determine the kind of shelves you will use. There are floating shelves; usually thicker without visible brackets. Ledges (my new favorite) are thin about 3 in deep and 1/2 in height. I recommend these sorts of shelves to lean frames and books and smaller items. And your average (but never boring) shelf with brackets, can hold plenty of things and the most weight (see the instructions below to secure mounting). My tip: have fun with the brackets. IKEA USA has a large variation of inexpensive brackets. Have fun trying different colors with spray paint.

Third, how to style your shelves. If you're mounting shelves in the living room or kitchen - try to minimize how much stuff you put on them. Too much of a good thing can make the room look instantly cluttered. Space items out and use a variety of different elements in various sizes (tall and small, round and skinny); books, pictures, a decorative storage box, a stylish structure, a live or faux plant or floral arrangement. But if you're using your shelves for storage, try using bins, baskets and boxes in the same color and similar style, the key to being organized is also to keep it tidy, a solid color palette will make it pleasing to the eye. If you'd like to know more about how to organize your bins and boxes, let me know in the comments below, it will certainly need its own post!

Finally, I can give you my personal how-to mount a shelf but at this point, I wing it, sometimes I even cut corners (shh don't tell!) But if you've never used a drill or even hammer, I think a thorough tutorial is required so I went to my online handyman for help!

Check out this How to Hang Shelves by the Family Handyman

Hope you found this post helpful! And if you try the shelf thing, share your victory with me below!