Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Small Space Solution: At-Home Beauty Bar!

Here's an awesome alternative to the glam gal's vanity we see all over Pinterest! I totally dig the idea of a dedicated vanity or desk to be used to beautify ourselves, but realistically, it's not an option for me. Although our master bedroom is pretty awesome in size, it is currently being occupied by our little roommate Jack. Our son has what we call "the wall" for his crib, dresser and hamper. The ideal wall space for a really fancy shmancy vanity. WaaH!

So what's a girl to do?? Think UP. All I really need is a place to organize my beauty products so they are easily accessible when I need to put my face on for church or a date with the Mister (heart eyes emoji here). I had moved around furnishings so I re-purposed two of the three shelves from my 'corner office' as my new "beauty bar"! Check it out!! 

The shelves are from IKEA. I painted the shelves white and sprayed painted the brackets gold. Easy peazy. All of the organizers and gold vases were from Target! I paid $1 for the acrylic make up organizers and $3 for the gold vases. Including that striped vase that I love so much.

I bought a bag of floral sand at the dollar tree to keep my makeup brushes straight #Boom.

This is an awesome option if you're working with a limited amount of space. Even if its one shelve in the bathroom or smaller shelves in a girl's dorm room. 

I found that this set-up was especially helpful to keep my make-up out of reach from my three year old! She loves to watch me put on make up and loves to get her little fingers in my shadows and color the walls with my lipstick... but that's all I'll share about that.

Notice any differences between this image and the first one?? If you do, comment below!!
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Have a pretty day!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Is it Autumn Already??

Last I shared it was hot, muggy and I was with child... boy oh boy... I'm late to the party!

Happy Fall friends! It is my FAVORITE season ever!! The colors in the trees, the chill in the air... the lit pumkin spice candles, it all makes for one amazing time period. 

SO much has happened since my last post! For starters, on Tuesday, August 19th, I gave birth to my fourth child, my third BOY! His name is Jackson James Preston and he was born at 5lbs 4oz and 19 in tall. Born a month early, my little guy proved to be tough and absolutey handsome! Our family is COMPLETE and I feel SO blessed :) (so you forgive me for taking a 2 month haitus??)

Since Jax's birth, I've been surviving on 4-5 hours of solid sleep. Not consecutive either...oh how I wish!! He's on a 2-3 hour schedule but by the time he's done eating and burping and changing his diapers, I put him down and 45 min later he's back to start the process all over again lol. The mister is always willing to help, but M-F he's up at 6am to get the older kids ready for school and then taking the 45 min commute... It would be a crime to expect him to help. So how do I do it?? Coffee and 2048. My addictions keep me functioning when all I want to do is sleep but can't. 

Still on maternity, I have a few weeks left. LOTS to do before I go back to work... get Jax on a better schedule and get Gabby potty trained... yeah, NO pressure at all! I just have the task to completely rewiring little people AND myself... aaaaahhh!!! I need to get back into that work state of mind... Blaaaaahhh!!! 

Why can't I make a living by just living? I just hate New York's FMLA laws... Europe is so ahead of the game, its probably why they don't have so many tragic stories involving kids and crime... they have their Mums much longer at home. Makes such a huge difference!

Ok, I'd done ranting. Back to pumpkins and hot chocolates :)

High Five!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

{Trash to Treasure} Dresser Gets a Makeover!

I love when this happens. When you have a vision of something so specific, you just can't get your mind off it, and then *poof* it miraculously appears... just the way you hoped it would!

Yep. I hoped. And I received.

I know what you're thinking...

"What were you thinking!?" OR "Lucky you!!!"

Here's the truth: I'm a sucker for "diamonds in the rough" and anything that resembles "vintage". This was definitely rough and vintage-inspired, and perfect for my soon to be changing table!! 

Now you have to ask me how I hauled this piece home... long story short, an older gentleman (old enough to be my grandpa) saw me struggle with my cute IKEA dolly and this very large piece of furniture and offered to deliver it to me if I could wait for his daughter to get home from work. I jumped for joy and hugged him!! #goodpeoplestillexist!

When my darling arrived home (the piece not the old man) I was elated but also terrified. I know my Mister is not a fan of my "garbage picking" ways, I like to think I treasure hunt... tomatos\tomatoes. I sneaked it into my 'work room' aka the boys bedroom and through a blanket over it. I'm so good at this hide and go seek business. Not.

It didn't take long before the kids made use of it, hence the books.  

My littest helper, sanding so meticulously. 

Phase 1: The piece didn't need much sanding. I gave it a good cleaning with water, vinegar and lemons, let it dry and followed it with a coat of primer. Before painting it a bright satin white. I highly recommend using primer for any and every project. Primer allows your paint to adhere to any finish AND helps to save on paint, especially when going from dark to light. 

Phase 2: While the piece dried, I fixed the broken drawer and sealed the others with wood glue, to ensure it's well supported for future use.

(extension ropes helped keep the pieces in tact while drying)

 Phase 3: I then lined the inside of the drawers with self-adhesive drawer liner. 
I found this chevron pattern at Marshalls for $3.99!

Sure, no one sees the inside of the drawers. But here's why I recommend lining drawers:
1. It's a used piece - the liner serves as a clean platform for storing things, especially baby things.
2. Some liners come scented, keeping your things fresh when stored, if they don't sprit with some water/lavendar oil mixture!
3. Its a pretty surprise every time you open the drawer :)

Phase 4: I planned the  "gallery wall" that would be above the changing table. I wanted to achieve two things with this idea: 1. a simple, yet sophisticated design 2. serve a purpose; the wire rack (from Target) was the perfect diapers n' things organizer!

The frames, as you can see had pictures already in them so I swapped them out and cut scrapbook paper to size to serve as a simple backdrop.



I just loved how everything came together. I happened to have the baskets from our first born's nursery, perfect for blankets and extra diapers. Read more about this baby space HERE. The knobs, also from Target, gave the vintage vibe an upgrade. Moreover, I knew I could live with this look in our room, a perfect balance of sweet and simple. Pun intended. :) 

El Fin.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

At-Home Corner Office? Uhm Yeah!

Let me start by saying that by "corner office" I mean, a corner in your home that can be utilized to hold a desk, supplies and a seat. That is all you need to have an effective working "corner office" ;)

This is a corner in my room by the window. Under the desk is the radiator. Which is not used during spring or summer and manually turned on during winter. It was the perfect opportunity to make use of this space. The desk is from Ikea. My mother in law gave it to me after she had no use for it. I love it because the legs screw on and off so easily. Before I put here, it was under the bed and I would pull out when I needed to craft. Its what you do when you live an in apartment and don't have an extra bedroom to call your craft room (sniff, sniff).

I then added shelves above the desk and on that blank wall

The shelves are also from IKEA. They're inexpensive and versatile! I added a personal flair by painting the shelves with some white paint I had in stock and sprayed the brackets gold... along with some other office supplies that I wanted in gold:

The Before.
The After!

I didn't stop there:
Then all I needed to was organize my things. The shelves help keep the clutter OFF the desk, which I need for my laptop, or cutting mat, or my sewing machine and so on...

I then added more elements as I saw fit and necessary.

Yep, that is a plate rack. I used it to hold my notebooks and planners. I  liked that it was designed to fit in a corner and it was cheaper than buying a paper sorter - which isn't as wide as this bad boy. 

Oh yeah, that's my little guy's crib! Great if your kiddo isn't standing yet.
Not so easy when they can pop up and grab whatever is at arms reach. Eek!

Living in a small space doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your needs.
Rethinking your space and giving each room/corner a purpose will help you utilize your space more effectively. 

I'm currently trying to empty a closet in my apartment so I can make it my office, I mean, officially anyway, I find myself hiding out in the closet just to text my friends back and check my instagram and emails. That's my life, with kids. 



Monday, May 18, 2015

Thrift Store Treasures: Kitchen Sideboard & China Cabinet

When we moved in to our new place last April, I knew exactly what I wanted to do about the lack of counter and storage space in the kitchen. I wanted a practical piece to host the things we need, coffee maker, pots, pans and the things I had tucked away or poorly stored, food containers, my honey's sweets and my obsessive dish towel collection. Not to mention, it had to have some serious style; shape and color to compliment my love for all things farmhouse! That's right, this girl lives in Brooklyn... but I have a thing for country life, rustic and vintage style.

I took my needs and matched it with some visuals... I went to Pinterest (my go-to source for all things creative and home). (And no, I am not paid to endorse). I searched the words "Coffee Bar" since it has been all the rage lately, and with good reason: people with children love coffee. There were a ton of great stuff but the 3 I couldn't stop staring at are as follows:

Why I love it: A perfect place for everything.
Why I love it: It's true to  Farmhouse style. Wood, metal and porcelain looking good.
Why I love it: That color! and it married what I love about #1 and #2

Now I was on the hunt to find THE piece. Until one day, eight months later, a took a stroll through downtown Brooklyn and dropped by a local thrift store where I found amazing houseware items for $1, a beautiful petite China cabinet that had my name all over it AND my kitchen sideboard. I saw it from across the room and I knew it was "the one".  Moreover, the price was right up my alley: $25!!

I spoke to the store clerk and he told me that I can prepay and pick up within 2 days. But I'd have to rent a moving truck and convince the Mister. Guess what was my biggest struggle? The Mister.

I called everyday for 2 weeks to confirm that both of my pieces were still there. I also convinced the Mister to let me have them both!! Score!! When we agreed that Saturday 00/00 we'd be able to pick it up, I went down the Thursday prior to purchase my "girls". When the clerk asked me what i was interested in, I pointed out both pieces and she says "I'll give you both for $50", I jumped and shrieked "Sold!" The China cabinet alone was tagged at $75!! I knew I just made the deal of my life!!

So here they are:

Here they are after I convinced The Mister to help me haul them home :)

Clearly they need some TLC. Yay! A project!! I am saying this with a twist of sarcasm and enthusiasm :)

UPDATE! To see the "After" of the Kitchen sideboard, check out this post!