Thursday, June 30, 2016

Loving The Home You Have

Having a place to call home is a blessing. Despite the chaos surrounding us, the clutter in the entryway, the overstuffed mail sorter, there are things you can always love about your home. Ga'head, make a list. I'll wait.

I gave myself this same task a few weeks ago when I found myself frustrated with the constant hustle and bustle of running a household and the very little that I actually enjoyed about it. I follow some bloggers with homes that can make your mouth water. My IG is flooded with constant posts of beautiful homes, perfectly tidy kid rooms, bright and airy living rooms, cozy guest rooms, state of the art kitchens with freshly cut peonies on the island. I mean, c'mon! But its out there. And as a content consumer, I found myself overly consumed by it. I admire those women who keep up their homes just so. Want to know what else I noticed? many don't have kids. And if they do, they're old enough to wipe their own bums and pour their own cereals. You know what I would be capable of if my kids could do that!? I'd plank a wall. I'd stain my wood floors 5 shades darker. I'd try one of those Shanty2Chic projects. No wait, that can't be done in an apartment in Brooklyn. Or can it? hmm.

But the reality is, my kids are still small and need me for feedings and baths and playtime and cuddles. And I need them to need me as much as possible because they're not going to be so little forever. By the way, I do remind myself of this every time I complain about not having time to myself to paint or mount a shelf. My kids need me. Period.

Moreover, my home is MY home. It's what I prayed God for and I got. Which is a lesson in itself. My prayers were more like "God, we just need more space for my family! I need more rooms, more closets" God was like check, check check. Thank you Lord. Next time, I will definitely be more specific in my prayers... because that's how God works. And besides, I've put in a lot of love in to making my home, mine (or ours). I've done what I could with what I could and that keeps me excited about what to do next.

Loving the home you have makes your home perfect just the way it is. Appreciating that I have a roof over my head to having nice linens on my bed. It's about investing in what you have or dreaming a new dream. But never settle and don't break the bank. That's it. Love your home. And more importantly, love the people you share it with,


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