Sunday, August 16, 2015

At-Home Corner Office? Uhm Yeah!

Let me start by saying that by "corner office" I mean, a corner in your home that can be utilized to hold a desk, supplies and a seat. That is all you need to have an effective working "corner office" ;)

This is a corner in my room by the window. Under the desk is the radiator. Which is not used during spring or summer and manually turned on during winter. It was the perfect opportunity to make use of this space. The desk is from Ikea. My mother in law gave it to me after she had no use for it. I love it because the legs screw on and off so easily. Before I put here, it was under the bed and I would pull out when I needed to craft. Its what you do when you live an in apartment and don't have an extra bedroom to call your craft room (sniff, sniff).

I then added shelves above the desk and on that blank wall

The shelves are also from IKEA. They're inexpensive and versatile! I added a personal flair by painting the shelves with some white paint I had in stock and sprayed the brackets gold... along with some other office supplies that I wanted in gold:

The Before.
The After!

I didn't stop there:
Then all I needed to was organize my things. The shelves help keep the clutter OFF the desk, which I need for my laptop, or cutting mat, or my sewing machine and so on...

I then added more elements as I saw fit and necessary.

Yep, that is a plate rack. I used it to hold my notebooks and planners. I  liked that it was designed to fit in a corner and it was cheaper than buying a paper sorter - which isn't as wide as this bad boy. 

Oh yeah, that's my little guy's crib! Great if your kiddo isn't standing yet.
Not so easy when they can pop up and grab whatever is at arms reach. Eek!

Living in a small space doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your needs.
Rethinking your space and giving each room/corner a purpose will help you utilize your space more effectively. 

I'm currently trying to empty a closet in my apartment so I can make it my office, I mean, officially anyway, I find myself hiding out in the closet just to text my friends back and check my instagram and emails. That's my life, with kids. 



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