Monday, May 18, 2015

Thrift Store Treasures: Kitchen Sideboard & China Cabinet

When we moved in to our new place last April, I knew exactly what I wanted to do about the lack of counter and storage space in the kitchen. I wanted a practical piece to host the things we need, coffee maker, pots, pans and the things I had tucked away or poorly stored, food containers, my honey's sweets and my obsessive dish towel collection. Not to mention, it had to have some serious style; shape and color to compliment my love for all things farmhouse! That's right, this girl lives in Brooklyn... but I have a thing for country life, rustic and vintage style.

I took my needs and matched it with some visuals... I went to Pinterest (my go-to source for all things creative and home). (And no, I am not paid to endorse). I searched the words "Coffee Bar" since it has been all the rage lately, and with good reason: people with children love coffee. There were a ton of great stuff but the 3 I couldn't stop staring at are as follows:

Why I love it: A perfect place for everything.
Why I love it: It's true to  Farmhouse style. Wood, metal and porcelain looking good.
Why I love it: That color! and it married what I love about #1 and #2

Now I was on the hunt to find THE piece. Until one day, eight months later, a took a stroll through downtown Brooklyn and dropped by a local thrift store where I found amazing houseware items for $1, a beautiful petite China cabinet that had my name all over it AND my kitchen sideboard. I saw it from across the room and I knew it was "the one".  Moreover, the price was right up my alley: $25!!

I spoke to the store clerk and he told me that I can prepay and pick up within 2 days. But I'd have to rent a moving truck and convince the Mister. Guess what was my biggest struggle? The Mister.

I called everyday for 2 weeks to confirm that both of my pieces were still there. I also convinced the Mister to let me have them both!! Score!! When we agreed that Saturday 00/00 we'd be able to pick it up, I went down the Thursday prior to purchase my "girls". When the clerk asked me what i was interested in, I pointed out both pieces and she says "I'll give you both for $50", I jumped and shrieked "Sold!" The China cabinet alone was tagged at $75!! I knew I just made the deal of my life!!

So here they are:

Here they are after I convinced The Mister to help me haul them home :)

Clearly they need some TLC. Yay! A project!! I am saying this with a twist of sarcasm and enthusiasm :)

UPDATE! To see the "After" of the Kitchen sideboard, check out this post!


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