Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Small Space Solution: At-Home Beauty Bar!

Here's an awesome alternative to the glam gal's vanity we see all over Pinterest! I totally dig the idea of a dedicated vanity or desk to be used to beautify ourselves, but realistically, it's not an option for me. Although our master bedroom is pretty awesome in size, it is currently being occupied by our little roommate Jack. Our son has what we call "the wall" for his crib, dresser and hamper. The ideal wall space for a really fancy shmancy vanity. WaaH!

So what's a girl to do?? Think UP. All I really need is a place to organize my beauty products so they are easily accessible when I need to put my face on for church or a date with the Mister (heart eyes emoji here). I had moved around furnishings so I re-purposed two of the three shelves from my 'corner office' as my new "beauty bar"! Check it out!! 

The shelves are from IKEA. I painted the shelves white and sprayed painted the brackets gold. Easy peazy. All of the organizers and gold vases were from Target! I paid $1 for the acrylic make up organizers and $3 for the gold vases. Including that striped vase that I love so much.

I bought a bag of floral sand at the dollar tree to keep my makeup brushes straight #Boom.

This is an awesome option if you're working with a limited amount of space. Even if its one shelve in the bathroom or smaller shelves in a girl's dorm room. 

I found that this set-up was especially helpful to keep my make-up out of reach from my three year old! She loves to watch me put on make up and loves to get her little fingers in my shadows and color the walls with my lipstick... but that's all I'll share about that.

Notice any differences between this image and the first one?? If you do, comment below!!
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Have a pretty day!


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